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Hi, I’m Michelle, and I am a virtual assistant. I create websites, eCommerce stores and digital graphics for people and businesses that are looking to launch or re-brand themselves into the digital world. I also help them learn how to manage their sites and linking database management systems independently and with confidence.

I have a passion for helping people and solving problems and over 15 years of experience in different administrative roles, within different industries. All of which, mixed with a personal interest in photography, technology and systems, has allowed me to build a unique skill set which forms the basis of my business today.

My current work portfolio includes website development, eCommerce website set up, digital marketing assistance, database management systems set up/maintenance and training, product photography, Photoshop, technical writing and search engine optimisation (SEO).

If you think that I could provide an administrative solution for you please contact me. I’d love to see if I can help.

Best regards, Michelle

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