Pallet Racking: An Optimised Storage Solution For Your Warehouse

warehouse racking

Needs of your business keep changing rapidly, and it is, therefore, important that you have the ability to make quick moves and adapt to the changes. This is all the more crucial when you are planning your warehousing.

Over time, the need for storage space in your house will change invariably. Therefore, it is essential that fix your sight beyond the short term needs and design systems that facilitate a reduction in picking time while making optimal use of available space.

What you store in your warehouse can undergo changes. You may also have to store multiple sizes, weight, and shape of packages as your business grows and stock volumes rise. This is the reason why you should be future proof your warehousing. Outgrowing storage space means finding additional investment in a new facility apart from challenges associated with use of third party storage.

Pallet Racking To Maximise Your Storage Space

Pallet racking offers one of the best means of future proofing your warehouse and optimising the use of available space. It will create most of the space from floor to ceiling with a design that answers your specific needs. Once installed, pallet racking can bring the following benefits:-

  • Space saving
  • Cost reduction
  • Safety
  • Time
  • Optimised efficiency in supply chain

Return on Investment

The key to getting the best from pallet racking is proper planning to optimise the storage capacity. Available floor space, ceiling height, the feasibility of creating a mezzanine floor and different types of pallet racking that you want to consider will all form part of the planning.


Irrespective of the type of storage solution you choose, your distribution centre or warehouse should also be adaptable for future needs. The storage infrastructure should be flexible so that it can be adjusted to cater for future sales growth. Pallet racking is among the simplest methods to address all these needs with a singular solution.

Choosing Your Storage Solution

Most large warehouses invariably choose pallet racking. This is a type of modular racking and shelving that can be adapted and altered to address the needs of a growing business.

Beam Pallet Racking

Racking Photo

This is a movable type of pallet racking which can be configured with ease to accommodate multiple sizes of stock. This kind of pallet racking involves several beams that are attached to frames. Narrow aisle and wide aisle configurations are also available in this type. A wide aisle is more popular, and no special handling equipment will be needed to store and retrieve goods. Ease of loading/unloading and quick throughput is among the key advantages.

For warehouses with smaller floor space, the narrow aisle configuration allows significant space savings. Your storage space is optimised and allows order is picking direct from the racks enhancing the speed and comfort involved.

Now that you are knowledgeable in pallet racking, the next best thing is to find an appropriate supplier and get ahead with your plans to future proof your warehouse with pallet racking.

7 tips for helping you be self-sufficient in your daily life!

Renewable Energy

Many people wish to live a self-sufficient life. It is a good way to reduce your dependence on natural resources. To live a self-sufficient life, you have to raise animals, make clothing, hunt for food or grow your food and vegetables. Most importantly you should have a renewable energy source to sustain your self-sufficient life. It is believed by many that self-sufficiency increases the quality of one’s life. You learn to do everything you can to produce your daily needs. It is vital to you to know how to handle emergencies. For some people, it is easy to learn to grow vegetables and fruits, but it can be difficult to maintain one’s electrical energy needs. There are a few tips for your assistance:

Renewable Energy Resources

You can take advantage of energy obtained from the sun and for this purpose, you have to install solar shingles on your rooftop. Nowadays, the U.S. mostly relies on oil, natural gas and coal for energy production. Fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas, are non-renewable. There are finite resources, and they will ultimately dwindle. These natural resources are becoming expensive, and they damage the environment. In contrast, there are various kinds of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, which poses slight harm to nature. You can use solar energy that comes from the sun by installing solar panels on your roof to generate electricity.

The heat of the sun drives the wind, and the wind turbines capture the energy. The wind and the heat of the sun cause evaporation of water and these water vapours turn into snow or rain that flows downhill into streams and rivers. This energy can be converted to electricity with the use of hydroelectric power. Along with snow and rain, sunlight is also essential for the plants to grow.

Solar Power

Biomass is also used to produce energy, chemicals, and transportation fuels. The utilisation of biomass to produce energy is termed Bioenergy.

Hydrogen is frequently found in various organic compounds, and it is the most important element on this earth. It may not occur naturally as a gas, but it is combined with different other elements, such as oxygen and hydrogen make water. Hydrogen can be burned as fuel to convert into energy after separating it from other items.

You can also advantage of geothermal energy that is the internal heat of the earth available for different uses. This energy is often used to cool and heat buildings. The energy from the tides of oceans originates from the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon upon the earth. The ocean energy comes from different sources, such as tidal energy arises from the waves of the sea. The sun warms the surface of the ocean more than the depth of the sea, and different temperatures are created to use as a good source of energy. All of these forms of energy are safe to use as electricity.

Highlight of Renewable Energy Sources

There are a few renewable energy sources, and you can use them as a replacement of limited and unrenewable sources of energy:

Solar Electricity:

Solar power is a natural source of energy, and you can install a solar system on your roof to collect energy from sunlight. This source is a cost-effective way to produce energy and save money. Remember to do a thorough research and check out online reviews on EuroSolar and other community sites before making the decision.

Wind Electricity:

Solar power setup works well in the conjunction with wind power generation. If you are living in an area with heavy wind, you can set up wind turbines. Not only can you produce energy for your use, but you can also sell it for money to other users.


If you have a permanent source of water on your property, you can quickly set up a micro-hydro power plant. It is a clean and renewable source of energy. In this way, you can get a good amount of energy for commercial and residential use. It will help you to save a good sum of money.

Harvesting System for Rain Water:

You can store rainwater, sanitise and filter it to supply potable and clean water for showers, dishwashers, and faucets. In the areas with heavy rain, you can set up this system to produce energy and save water.

Recycle Greywater:

The washing water goes down in the drain. You can clean it with rerouting and reuse this water in gardens and lawns. You can use this water to move turbines and produce electricity as well.

Moreover, composting toilet will help you to generate humanure for non-edible remodelling. One person flushes almost 8,000 gallons water for toilets. Dry composting is an alternative way to save water. Try to build earth-friendly homes to keep it fresh with renewable energy resources. These efforts will prove helpful for you to reduce your carbon footprint. Try to use the environmental friendly resource to make this earth, a perfect place to live. The use of renewable energy sources is beneficial for everyone to save money and you can earn a profit by selling your power to other people.

Try to use local and secure resources and reduce your dependence on all non-renewable energy sources. It will help you to lessen the production of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. Reduce your energy bills and sell surplus energy at commercial and domestic level. You can use wind turbines, hydropower, Micro-CHP and solar panels as renewable resources of energy.

10 Supposedly Frugal Things That Actually Make You Lose Money While Moving

international removals

You will have a lot of expenses to worry about when moving house. From paying international removals company to getting all your utilities set up, there’s a long list of things that you will need to spend your money on. So finding ways to save a little here and there is of utmost importance. But the sad truth is that most people, in their endeavor to save some money, end up spending more. How does this happen? Well it’s simple really. While your logic, reasoning, and calculations might make sense when taken at face value, add all the hidden costs and other risks and you will realise that you actually end up spending more while following your frugal ideas.

international removals

Here are ten such things that people do with the intention of saving money while moving, but end up doing the exact opposite instead suggested by some.

1. Moving Things Yourself Instead of Hiring a Moving Company

Okay, we get it. Why hire someone to move your things when you can do it yourself? It’s not rocket science, right? Except when you hire a moving company, they come equipped with all their equipment. From trolleys to ramps to help wheel heavy stuff, they have all the necessary tools to make the moving process a breeze. There is also the very high possibility that you might damage or break something while trying to move it. So stop trying to save money in this area. This is one area where it pays to outsource the work.

2. Using Old Cardboard Boxes to Pack Things

Using old cardboard boxes borrowed from friends, family, and your friendly supermarket is a great way to save money. But this trick can quickly turn into a disaster as well. If you are doing this, make sure that you do not overload the boxes. Old boxes have seen a lot of wear and tear are just not as sturdy and strong as their new counterparts. You also need to make sure the boxes were not used to store cold or wet items (such as packaged meat and such) as the moisture retained by the box could lead to mold formation, ruining your things.

3. Roping in Friends and Family to Help with The Move

Again, this is a part of the let’s-save-some-money plan that could potentially backfire. You figured why pay for four to five movers to come move your things when you can just bring your friends and family to do it. Oh, where do we even start with this one? There are so many things to consider, from the costs involved in buying them pizzas and beer for helping you out (yes, they are your friends but you still need to bribe them with something!), to the fact that while professional movers will be focused on getting the work done, you and you friends are likely to waste a lot of time, chatting and having a good time. So even if you have six people to come help you out, when you compare that with hiring movers, it will still not be sufficient enough.

4. Cleaning The Carpet Yourself

Sure you can hire a carpet steam-cleaning machine and do the job yourself. But then again, hiring a professional will mean that you will get a receipt for the cleaning service done. This receipt can then be shown to your rental agent as proof that you met the stipulation of having the carpet steam-cleaned. When you do the cleaning yourself, you don’t really have anything to show as proof. The rental agent will just have to take your word for it and maybe examine the carpet to see if it’s clean. And if, by any chance, he/she is not satisfied with your work, they will request you to do it again, incurring you double the expense. So it is a smart move to play it safe and simply hire a cleaning service.

5. Using Your Car as A Moving Truck

Pretty much everyone does this, and it is unavoidable we suppose. The only thing we will caution you about is to make sure you don’t inadvertently end up damaging your car (scratches on the body or tears on the seat). You will be dealing with a lot of oddly-shaped things. Just make sure they do not cause any damage to your car or you’ll be facing an expensive repair job. If there are small items that you are moving yourself, make sure you pack them neatly. Either put them in a box and seal it or wrap them up tightly in bubble wrap and place it in the boot to be securely transported.

6. Cleaning The House Yourself

This has more to do with your health than wealth. While it is true that you can save some money by opting to clean the house yourself, you need to re-think this step if you are prone to allergies and infections. Thoroughly cleaning the house implies that you will come into contact with strong chemicals by way of the cleaning supplies. Inhaling these chemicals and coming into contact with them is quite harmful. Apart from that, there is a high chance that you will also encounter mold at some point. And believe it or not, mold is actually a very dangerous thing to come into contact with. It can lead to respiratory problems and even compromise your immune system.

If you are on a tight budget and simply cannot afford hiring a cleaning service, then we suggest that you suit up to tackle the job. Wear gloves and mouth-and-nose mask to avoid inhaling dust, mold and other harmful substances. You should also consider purchasing eco-friendly, organic cleaning products that won’t irritate your skin.

7. Changing Your Service Provider

If you’re moving, now is the perfect time to decide whether you want to stick with your current service provider, or switch over to a new one. Chances are that you will find a service provider who offers the same service for a much cheaper price. But the real question is ‘Is the company reliable?’ If you want to switch over, ask around. Find if any of your friends have that service provider and how good their customer support and service efficiency is. The last thing you need is to move from a perfectly good service provider to a cheaper one, only to find that they are not good, and then move back to your old service provider. Now that would be such a waste of time and money.

8. Selling Furniture and Other Things

Why throw away that perfectly good sofa when you can post a free ad on the Internet to try and sell it? This is a great idea. You should definitely do this. But if you are not able to sell it within three weeks, you might want to consider dumping it. Reselling old furniture can be tricky business. While you might have bought the sofa for thousand bucks and are now selling it for half the price, potential buyers might not be willing to pay that amount for a piece of used furniture. So what do you do then? Do you put it in storage, pay a storage fee and risk not selling it anytime in the near future? No, the better option would be to simply get rid of it.

9. Using Garbage Bags Instead of Boxes

Garbage bags tend to tear easily, especially when stuffed with heavy clothing. So avoid using these to transport your clothes. You will end up picking them up from the floor and taking them to the dry cleaners if you do.

10. Buying Limited Packing Materials

You need to figure out how much packing materials you’ll need and buy an extra twenty percent. Skimping on packing materials can turn out to be a very expensive mistake. From having things fall out and break to potential accidents, so many things could go wrong because you didn’t want to spend money buying another box or more tape to secure the boxes.