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SEO Checklist for Local Business Success in Melbourne

Are you running a local business in the beautiful city of Melbourne? Are you spending time trying to come up with ideas and tricks that can help your business better stand out? Are you looking for ways through which you can easily get your website listed in the top 5 suggestions returned by different search engines?

If the answer to all of the above questions is a ‘yes’, ‘maybe’, ‘hmm’ or a loud grunt, then you have stumbled upon the right place. Every user is connected to the internet in one way or the other nowadays. To reach out to your customers, showing up on local search results has become an absolute necessity. There is no denying the fact that local website traffic usually has a higher conversion rate because people prefer to buy locally. Local businesses are often seen as more trustworthy and credible. Therefore, it’s important to retain your local customers. And how can you do that? By just checking off the following items from your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) checklist:

Google Profile

To be among the top suggestions returned by the Google, what should you do? Create a Google Plus profile of your business. Creating a Google Plus profile comes with tonnes of perks, especially when it comes to getting indexed or ranked by Google. Your chances of getting highly targeted visitors from Google’s organic search results increase by many folds if you have a Google Plus account for your business.

Of course, the chances increase more if you have an active account, rather than a dead one. Just like Facebook uses “likes” and other emojis to record people’s interactions with the content, Google makes use of “votes”. Profiles with engaging content and more “votes” on Google Plus have a higher chance of appearing in the top ranking search results. These numbers let Google know that whatever it is that you are posting from your account is being interacted with in the form of votes and shares. So, what are you waiting? Create a profile on Google Plus NOW!!!

Google My Business Page Claim

Gone are the days when Google’s only service was in providing us with a search box. Now, Google comes with Google Search, Google Maps, Google Places and tonnes of other Google properties. To be recognised and found in all of these places, it’s essential to create a Google My Business listing and manage how your business information appears in all of these locations.

It is highly important for local businesses to have a presence on Google My Business because 69% of the searches involve a particular area. What another way can be more helpful in appearing in Google’s search results than to be having an account on Google My Business, that too, an active one? Just like Google Plus, it is important to have an active presence on Google My Business. Ask your customers to leave positive, helpful feedback on your account. Google search algorithm takes customer reviews into account while returning search results. The number of positive reviews your business receives from customers, the better is your company’s SEO ranking and therefore, the more visibility your business gains.

Schema Markup

Before we jump into the discussion of how important schema markup is in SEO, let’s first understand what schema markup is! In simple words, the Schema is nothing but a code snippet that can be added to your HTML files. This code snippet helps search engines in deciding what the individual paragraph or page is all about. It’s getting essential now because three of the biggest search engines of the world; Google, Yahoo and Bing, are taking this scenario one step forward and are using this to enhance the artificial intelligence of their search engines.

Using schema markup helps in feeding more structured data to the search engines which directly affects how search engines respond and display results when a user queries for something. On returning results back to the users, search engines churn out the structured data they have gathered from websites containing schema markup and display them in the form of rich snippets along with those sites in the search results. These increases click through rates because users can now see relevant information shown in the search results.

In addition to increasing click through rates, schema also affects SEO through direct ranking increase. A lot is said and discussed over this, and the general claim is that when structured data is fed to the search engines, the search engines understand the web pages quickly resulting in increasing the ranking of those pages.

Local Citation

When a business is mentioned somewhere on the internet, with or without a link, it is known as the local citation. There are various ways of citing companies on the web:
→ using company’s name only
→ using company’s name and its phone number
→ using company’s name, its phone number and address
→ using company’s name, its phone number, address and link, etc
Citations play a vital role in Google and Bing’s ranking algorithms. Keeping all other factors constant, businesses with more number of citations will rank higher than businesses with a fewer number of citations. They help in building the credibility of the companies and also validate that businesses are actually who they claim to be.

Citations are particularly useful and relevant in less – competitive niches, like electrical, plumbing or carpentering, etc. The reason is, a majority of the service providers belonging to these fields don’t have proper websites or actively running social pages of their businesses. In such cases, search engines rely heavily on whatever information they can get and from wherever they can get it. Getting cited on websites that already have a lot of user traffic and a good ranking can dramatically improve your local search engine ranking!

Pallet Racking: An Optimised Storage Solution For Your Warehouse

Needs of your business keep changing rapidly, and it is, therefore, important that you have the ability to make quick moves and adapt to the changes. This is all the more crucial when you are planning your warehousing.

Over time, the need for storage space in your house will change invariably. Therefore, it is essential that fix your sight beyond the short term needs and design systems that facilitate a reduction in picking time while making optimal use of available space.

What you store in your warehouse can undergo changes. You may also have to store multiple sizes, weight, and shape of packages as your business grows and stock volumes rise. This is the major reason why you should be future proof your warehousing. Outgrowing storage space means finding additional investment in a new facility apart from challenges associated with use of third party storage

Pallet racking to maximise your storage space

Pallet racking offers one of the best means of future proofing your warehouse and optimising the use of available space. It will create most of the space from floor to ceiling with a design that answers your specific needs. Once installed, high-quality racks like Colby pallet racks can bring the following benefits:-

  • Space saving
  • Cost reduction
  • Safety
  • Time
  • Optimised efficiency in supply chain

Return on Investment

The key to getting the best from pallet racking is proper planning to optimise the storage capacity. Available floor space, ceiling height, the feasibility of creating a mezzanine floor and different types of pallet racking that you want to consider will all form part of the planning.


Irrespective of the type of storage solution you choose, your distribution centre or warehouse should also be adaptable for future needs. The storage infrastructure should be flexible so that it can be adjusted to cater for future sales growth. Pallet racking is among the simplest methods to address all these needs with a singular solution.

Choosing your storage solution

Most large warehouses invariably choose pallet racking. This is a type of modular racking and shelving that can be adapted and altered to address the needs of a growing business.

Beam pallet racking

This is a movable type of pallet racking which can be configured with ease to accommodate multiple sizes of stock. This kind of pallet racking involves several beams that are attached to frames. Narrow aisle and wide aisle configurations are also available in this type. A wide aisle is more popular, and generally, no special handling equipment will be needed. Ease of loading/unloading and quick throughput is among the

key advantages

For warehouses with smaller floor space, the narrow aisle configuration allows significant space savings. Your storage space is optimised and allows order is picking direct from the racks enhancing the speed and comfort involved.
Now that you are knowledgeable in pallet racking, the next best thing is to find an appropriate supplier and get ahead with your plans to future proof your warehouse with pallet racking.

7 tips for helping you be self-sufficient in your daily life!!

Many people wish to live a self-sufficient life. It is a good way to reduce your dependence on natural resources. To live a self-sufficient life, you have to raise animals, make clothing, hunt for food or grow your food and vegetables. Most importantly you should have a renewable energy source to sustain your self-sufficient life. It is believed by many that self-sufficiency increases the quality of one’s life. You learn to do everything you can to produce your daily needs. It is vital to you to know how to handle emergencies. For some people, it is easy to learn to grow vegetables and fruits, but it can be difficult to maintain one’s electrical energy needs. There are a few tips for your assistance:

Renewable Energy Resources

You can take advantage of energy obtained from the sun and for this purpose, you have to install solar shingles on your rooftop. Nowadays, the U.S. mostly relies on oil, natural gas and coal for energy production. Fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas, are non-renewable. There are finite resources, and they will ultimately dwindle. These natural resources are becoming expensive, and they damage the environment. In contrast, there are various kinds of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, which poses slight harm to nature. You can use solar energy that comes from the sun by installing solar panels on your roof to generate electricity.

The heat of the sun drives the wind, and the wind turbines capture the energy. The wind and the heat of the sun cause evaporation of water and these water vapours turn into snow or rain that flows downhill into streams and rivers. This energy can be converted to electricity with the use of hydroelectric power. Along with snow and rain, sunlight is also essential for the plants to grow.
Biomass is also used to produce energy, chemicals, and transportation fuels. The utilisation of biomass to produce energy is termed Bioenergy.

Hydrogen is frequently found in various organic compounds, and it is the most important element on this earth. It may not occur naturally as a gas, but it is combined with different other elements, such as oxygen and hydrogen make water.
Hydrogen can be burned as fuel to convert into energy after separating it from other items.

You can also advantage of geothermal energy that is the internal heat of the earth available for different uses. This energy is often used to cool and heat buildings. The energy from the tides of oceans originates from the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon upon the earth. The ocean energy comes from different sources, such as tidal energy arises from the waves of the sea. The sun warms the surface of the ocean more than the depth of the sea, and different temperatures are created to use as a good source of energy. All of these forms of energy are safe to use as electricity.

Highlight of Renewable Energy Sources

There are a few renewable energy sources, and you can use them as a replacement of limited and unrenewable sources of energy:

Solar Electricity:

This is a natural source of energy, and you can install a Euro Solar system on your roof to collect energy from sunlight. This source is a cost-effective way to produce energy and save money. View reviews here.

Wind Electricity:

Solar power setup works well in the conjunction with wind power generation. If you are living in an area with heavy wind, you can set up wind turbines. Not only can you produce energy for your use, but you can also sell it for money to other users.


If you have a permanent source of water on your property, you can quickly set up a micro-hydro power plant. It is a clean and renewable source of energy. In this way, you can get a good amount of energy for commercial and residential use. It will help you to save a good sum of money.

Harvesting System for Rain Water:

You can store rainwater, sanitise and filter it to supply potable and clean water for showers, dishwashers, and faucets. In the areas with heavy rain, you can set up this system to produce energy and save water.

Recycle Greywater:

The washing water goes down in the drain. You can clean it with rerouting and reuse this water in gardens and lawns. You can use this water to move turbines and produce electricity as well.
Moreover, composting toilet will help you to generate humanure for non-edible remodelling. One person flushes almost 8,000 gallons water for toilets. Dry composting is an alternative way to save water. Try to build earth-friendly homes to keep it fresh with renewable energy resources. These efforts will prove helpful for you to reduce your carbon footprint. Try to use the environmental friendly resource to make this earth, a perfect place to live. The use of renewable energy sources is beneficial for everyone to save money and you can earn a profit by selling your power to other people.
Try to use local and secure resources and reduce your dependence on all non-renewable energy sources. It will help you to lessen the production of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. Reduce your energy bills and sell surplus energy at commercial and domestic level. You can use wind turbines, hydropower, Micro-CHP and solar panels as renewable resources of energy.

How to snake proof your house this snake season?

Snakes are most commonly encountered during spring; as the temperature rise so do snakes appear. This is no longer surprising. What we should be concerned about most of all is how to prevent snakes from coming into our yards. But first, it would be helpful to understand that although snakes look scary, the type of snakes we see in our residential places are not poisonous; what they are hereafter is the cold environment for them to rest and hide.

Killing the snakes you see in your yard won’t do you any good, in fact, if you try to kill a snake, there is also a big chance for them to bite you. So the best way to get rid of them is to find a solution –that is making your home uninviting to snakes. To have a peace of mind, you should also know the different types of snakes and to be able to tell which snake bite is venomous and dangerous.

How to snake proof your house this snake season

There are many ways to snake proof your house this season. Whether you are living in a house, apartment or a condominium, it’s good to know that snakes enter buildings from the ground. This will help us understand how to get rid of them.

    1. The first thing to do is safeguard your garden from snakes. Don’t leave any water sources, especially in your garden, for snakes. Keep your slim water tanks covered and cleaned small places in between your modular tanks. It’s a good practice to use chemical snake repellents to drive the snakes away simply.
    2. Seal up the holes- inspect if there are holes in the walls where snakes can pass, though, check your basement and search for any openings and seal them all as soon as you can. Inspect your ceilings, chimneys, basement and pipes- snakes can find a way to get in easily when there is even a little hole or crack. Block holes in the walls and fences- keep your fence and walls well-maintained. Any hole can be a great way for snakes to come through your yard so, fix them right away. Uncovered holes are inviting spots for snakes in search for a cold environment so make sure you have it inspected if you can’t do it yourself.
    3. Seal or remove pet doors- pet door is commonly used as an access point for snakes so it would be best to seal or take off your pet doors.


  1. Remove them – if you have found a snake, even the smallest one, you have to find a way to get rid of them right away. You can use snake traps like a wastebasket or better if you can find a professional wildlife specialist who can handle such situation. It’s hard to sleep at night knowing there’s a snake in the house, so keep your worries behind and hire someone who will handle this for you right away. But don’t ever try to kill or chase them if you don’t want to be bitten.
  2. Use of pest control- snakes need foods, and they go to places where they can get it. They eat rodents, earthworms and insects, so to prevent snakes from coming into your yard, make use of pest control. Has your house treated regularly?
  3. Trim your trees- if you have a garden with tall trees; cut them to avoid snakes from coming into your place. Snakes can climb fast, and you wouldn’t want to see one hissing at you while you are watering your plants.
  4. Trim the grass and shrubs- garden looks good when it’s tidy and clean, and it helps keep snakes or any reptiles away so cut the grass and shrubs frequently—keep it short.
  5. Use of sulphur- one proven method to eliminate snake is the use of sulphur, just make sure you follow the precautions when using this chemical. Use gloves and mask and then sprinkle this chemical on your door entrances to keep them away from your house but be very careful.
  6. Keep your backyard and front yard clean- if possible modify your garden. If you have rocks, bricks and logs, inspect the presence of snakes with wildlife experts. Snakes love cold places, which are their hiding places. So, remove piles of lumber or bricks. Don’t keep unused logs or lumber on the ground. If you have a plan of using these remaining bricks, firewood or wood, temporarily stack them at least 12 inches above the ground.
  7. Throw your garbage regularly- remove trash and junk away from the house. Avoid clutters. Cardboard boxes are a good hiding place for rodents so throw those that you do not need or (recycle it if you can) but the most important thing is to throw your garbage regularly.
  8. Inspect your garage and screens- keep them away by making sure you leave no small spaces for these snakes to come into your house. Check your garage, clean it. Keep your garbage cans tidy and clean and always make sure to have tight-fitting lids. Keeping your garage clean is one way to rodent-proof your house to help snakes away.
  9. Store food in proper place- fresh vegetables and fruits must be kept in the fridge as they are an excellent source of attraction. It attracts insects, rodents and reptiles.
  10. Fix the leak- Snakes love moisture, to keep them away you need to make sure that your garden hose has no leaks. Do not ever overwater your garden because rodents love to stay in the wet environment.
  11. Choose dogs and cats as pets- Dogs and cats are snake hunters so allow them to guard your house. Their presence is highly significant, not only do they keep you company, but they also help keep burglars and snakes away. Have a peace of mind with these useful pets around your house.
  12. Use mothballs- one of the most practical way to snake proof your house is by using mothballs around your yard. The best way to do this is to bury the mothballs in different parts of the yards. They help repel snakes away without harming them.


Just in case you find a snake in your house, remember how it looks, its colour, size and call a wildlife expert to report the situation. It is scary to handle even the tiniest snake to some, and that is understandable.